Helen Rousseau

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Poems for a World on Fire focuses on the good around us from first responders, the beauty of nature, the love of family and friends, and our own inner beauty and courage as we face overwhelming challenges. These poems also give voice to the earth, its peoples, animals, trees, seas, land, and all that makes this planet uniquely our home.

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Coming to the Edge is divided into three sections: Courage, Transformation and Dance. Readers are encouraged to engage with each of these poems in ways that open up discoveries in their own lives. Prompts for reflection and writing accompany them, as well as affirmations for daily practice.

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Tea Towels

These towels are 100% cotton flour sack dish towels that dry exceptionally well. Makes excellent gifts for all occasions. The designs are from my original block prints, printed on the towels with fabric ink that doesn’t wash off.

The Way Life Should Be

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Lotus and Dragonfly

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Falling Leaves

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