Helen Rousseau

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Poems for a World on Fire: Meditations on Hope

When I first began gathering poems for this collection, I was already overwhelmed with the challenges we are facing in this century: never-ending wars, refugee camps, hunger, racism, ageism, domestic violence, increasing poverty, global warming, deforestation, and loss of animal habitat. Then the novel coronavirus burst on the scene and life as we knew it changed drastically as our world was turned upside down. The title, Poems for a World on Fire, came to me in 2019, before we began experiencing the devastating wildfires out west in 2020.

Considering all this, we seek comfort, find places that renew us like the ocean, lakes, or labyrinth walks. Phone calls with friends are more important than ever.

These poems are my attempt to focus on the good around us from first responders, the beauty of nature, the love of family and friends, and our own inner beauty and courage as we face those challenges that sometimes feel overwhelming. See the poetry section.

A portion of the proceeds from this book will be going to non-profits that are working for the benefit of our environment, the protection of animals, hunger relief programs etc. If you would like to use Poems for a Word on Fire as a fundraiser for your organization, contact me and indicate that in your note.

Coming to the Edge: Fifty Poems for Writing and Healing

As I struggled to find my own voice, writing poetry enabled me to share deep pain and doubt. I dealt with my upbringing in the Catholic Church, my frustration with trying to live an authentic life within its boundaries, and my eventual realization that the Divine cannot be defined by our human minds. I also dealt with PTSD from childhood trauma and from too many years in an abusive relationship. Reading memoirs, self-help books and using affirmations gave me the courage to draw from my inner resources, even though I thought I had none left.

Each poem is accompanied by one or two prompts to enable your own writing, drawing, doodling or whatever form of art you choose. My hope is that these poems will be a springboard for your own thoughts and expression, a tool to discover your own answers. There is a suggested affirmation with each poem.